You know you’re the 5th kid when… (also titled “Poor Silas”)

I’m sure when Silas gets older he’ll be able to come up with a much better list under this title, but I’ll start it out for him here.

You know you’re the 5th kid when…

…on one random night, Dad cleans out your diaper bag and finds the following:  toy binoculars, gum, toothpaste and toothbrush, a toy necklace, a few McDonalds moist towelettes, a Two Ways to Live tract, a Barbie doll hula hoop, a bouncy ball, a sparkly barrette, a toy panda bear, a bracelet that says Elisabeth Hall, some impetigo ointment, and a construction paper pumpkin with a heart drawn on it.

…you find yourself, at least once a day, crying in your swing (or activity seat or bouncy seat or in your bed or on the couch or on a blanket in the floor, or…) and hear your sisters run to your mom to tell her you’re crying, only to hear your mom say, “I know, I hear him.  I’ll get him in a minute as soon as I get done doing the dishes (or folding these clothes or doing school with Catherine or eating my lunch or taking Samuel to bed or…).”

…you’ve actually heard your mom refer to you as “that other kid” when remembering your name required just too much effort.  (You have to cut her some slack, though, since you are the one keeping her up at night.)

…you actually got a brand new carseat/stroller because the other one was getting threadbare.

…your mom not only didn’t start your journal before you were born, and not only didn’t write in it the day you were born, but she actually hasn’t even ordered it yet and you are almost five months old.

…your baby toys have to be rescued from the baby doll diaper bags because your sisters keep commandeering them for their own babies.

…your parents are racking their brains to come up with a good Christmas present for you because, really, what do you get the baby who has four predecessors?  (“Hey, Mom, why don’t you finally order my journal and just call it my Christmas present?”)

…you’ve heard your daddy come home and say, “Where’s Silas?” and your mommy answer, “Um, I think he’s in our bedroom.” 

…your first front flip was at age 4 1/2 months, while you were buckled into your bouncy seat, when your sister wanted to see if you could stand up in your seat.

…you never run out of things to look at because there are just so many funny people running back and forth and in and out of your line of sight.

…you never run out of snuggles and hugs and laps because there are so many people in your house who love you.

I love you, Silas Judson.  Sorry if you get the short end of the stick sometimes.  You’ll be a better person for it, I promise.  🙂

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