Happy birthday, Elisabeth Anne! (Better late than never!)

Well, I’m starting to slack a little, huh?  Elisabeth, you turned four two weeks ago, and you are loving every minute of it.  You are so funny–certain things are totally unacceptable now that you’re four (namely, taking a nap), and certain other things are now done and done with relish (namely, chewing gum).  You have grown up so much in the past year, but you still have an adorable way of saying words wrong (“chicken” instead of “kitchen”).  The difference is that now you are getting self-conscious about it where it didn’t ever bother you before when your sisters would giggle at your mis-pronunciations.  It’s so fun to watch you do stuff with the big kids at church.  This morning when Kids 4 Truth did the song in the worship service you stood right up there and did every motion just like a big kid, although you yawned your way through it.  You still have a lot of mischief that works its way out daily, but I’m finally starting to be able to trust you long enough to turn my back for a few minutes!  You are now the middle child since Silas joined the family–two older sisters and two younger brothers.  You fight hard for your place in this family and make sure that we don’t forget you’re here!!  It’s been fun also to watch you penetrate the bubble that your sisters inhabit and start to insert yourself into their games.  They no longer automatically leave you out, and you’re learning to speak their language.  You finally moved into their room and that helped you move into their world.  You want to learn to read and write so badly you can’t stand it.  If you were the only kid, you’d already be reading by now but as it is, Mommy has not much time to sit and work with you just yet, so you’ll have to be content to do Bible with Catherine and wait until fall to get your own school time, something you are extremely excited about.  You continue to do great at gymnastics, and I think you’ve won the hearts of your teachers.  You tried hard the morning of your birthday to stop sucking your thumb like you had promised to do, but after a little while, you said in a very distressed voice, “But Mommy, it still feels like I want to suck my thumb!!”  So it still finds its way to your mouth quite often, but we’ll get there.  We’ve also  been watching you grow more aware of the reality of all those Bible stories, and were prayerfully excited to hear you say recently, “I need a new heart because mine is broken from sin.”  May God grant your prayer, little one!

You are amazingly sweet and mischievous all at the same time.  We call you our firecracker and it’s the truth!  You are also our snugglebug, though, and you are your mommy’s girl when it comes to wanting your neck and back rubbed.  I hope your four-year-old year is full of wonderful discoveries of learning and growing and playing and experiencing life to the fullest.  I absolutely love being your mommy and pray that God will draw you closer on a path toward Him during this next year before your birthday comes ’round again.  Happy birthday, sweet girl.  I love you.

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