Happy birthday, Abigail Nicole! (again, better late than never)

How in the world did this happen? Where did the last eight years go? My precious oldest child, you have had the unenviable task of teaching me how to be a mommy. You are our guinea pig, the one on whom we inflict our trial and error until we figure out what works best. May God shower you with grace to come to Him and grow into an intelligent, socially acceptable, fully functioning adult in spite of all our mistakes.

This year has seen you grow into more of a young lady, or as you reminded me the other day, “Mom! I’m a tween now!” You still teeter on the line between little girl and young lady, but we see you edge closer to the world of “big kid” every day. You absolutely fell in love with your baby brother, and you are truly a big help with him especially, but with the rest of your siblings as well. Your sense of humor is developing, and you crack your daddy and me up with your one-liners. You’ve gotten to do a few things by yourself–“big-kid privileges”–and I look forward to sharing many more of those moments with you.

Your schoolwork has gotten harder and takes longer, and I still love teaching you. Some of the harder work has thrown you for a loop since this is really the first year you’ve actually had to learn and think and try, but you are doing very well and it’s a joy to watch your mind develop and expand before my very eyes. The biggest new thing this past year has been starting official drama lessons–putting your huge God-given talent to good use. You got to do the play last summer and have been in Footlights for about six months now. I can’t wait to watch you on the stage again and I look forward to seeing where this takes you.

One of the biggest joys for your mommy this year has been watching you make friends. One strong desire that I have had for all my kids is that they would find close friends as they grow up, and I’ve gotten to watch that this year with you. We’ve had a couple sleepovers and birthday parties and afternoons with friends, and I think it’s so exciting to be on the mom side of little girl friendships. May God continue to bless and grow your friendships.

We’ve also seen evidence that God has been working on your heart to draw you to Himself. There is still a journey ahead, but we can see glimpses of your movement toward Him that bring such hope to our hearts. Our biggest prayer is that He would break your heart and make it new, and we are starting to see it breaking. Lord, please save our girl.

Abigail Nicole, your name is so fitting. You truly are your father’s joy, and your mommy’s too. I am so thankful that God let me be your mommy. Happy birthday, sweet girl. Enjoy 8 years old!!

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