What will they think of next?

Yesterday Clay was subbing at the middle school, and I had my ladies’ lunch at church.  Usually the kids stay home with Clay while I go solo to lunch, but yesterday since he was gone I had to take them with me.  I was a little nervous about whether they would be good or not, but I thought surely we could handle it with no major mishaps.  They ate their lunch, and I sent them upstairs to play in the preschool Sunday School room.  They did come back and forth a few times, but nothing major and I was able to enjoy my lunch and the conversation.  Once, Elisabeth wandered into the kitchen and said, “We made arrows for the puppet show.”  I didn’t think too much about that, because they’ve done that at home before–cut arrows out of construction paper and taped them to the wall pointing the way to their puppet show.  Anyway, it came to be time to go so I sent them to clean up the room.  I chatted a few more minutes, gathered our things and took them out to the car before going to check their progress.  The first thing I noticed was that they had put the arrows all the way down the main hallway.  As I got closer I saw that they were down the little bathroom hallway, on the doors, and even in the bathroom.  I sighed, told them to finish picking up the blocks, and went to start taking down the arrows.  First one off, no problem.  Second one, not so much.  It wouldn’t just pull off.  I finally got it off and realized that it hadn’t been taped.  It had been glued.  In fact, ALL the rest of the arrows had been glued.  To the wall.  And let me say this:  my children may not be talented at everything, but they can sure glue arrows to the wall and make them stick.  They were very thorough glue-ers.  Those arrows did not want to come off.  Thankfully, the paint didn’t either.  I pulled and tugged as best I could and finally gave up, took them home, and resigned myself to coming early to the dinner last night, armed with my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and finish the job.  Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is a good friend to a mom of small children, let me tell you.  Upon questioning my kiddos as to what in the world they were thinking, their response:  “No, we didn’t know it’s not ok to glue stuff to the wall.  The tape didn’t stick good so we used glue.”  Matter of fact.  Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve ever said, “By the way, it’s not ok to glue stuff to walls.”  Guess I need to do better at anticipating the answer to the title of this post, huh?

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