Vacation Report, by Abigail Hall

First, (on vacation) we went to the Creation Museum.  My favorite thing there was sitting on Dino, the statue of a dinosaur we sat on.  My least favorite thing was when it was like it was storming on Men in White, a movie we watched.  3 things I learned there are:  1.  All animals, including dinosaurs, were herbivores: plant-eaters [before the Fall].  2.  One planet has 16 moons!  3.  There is a dragon in the Bible!

Secondly, we went to the Aquarium.  My favorite part was leading the penguin parade!  My least favorite part was seeing a sea-snake eating fish!  I learned 2 things there too:  1.  Sea-snakes eat fish!  2.  Different tree-frogs make different sounds.

Then, Cleopatra exhibit.  My favorite thing was watching the movie.  My least favorite thing was seeing her die.  I saw 1 thing I’ve never seen before:  Egyptian jewelry!!

Then, Cincinnati Children’s Museum.  My favorite thing was climbing in the playground.  My second favorite thing was being in Energy Mode!!  I saw 1 thing I’ve never seen before:  a fox in a tree!!

Petting Zoo:  favorite part:  a donkey gave me a push!! Least favorite: The bunny hid.  I learned that sheep are woolier than I thought!!

Art Museum:  favorite part:  seeing Egyptian coins.  Least favorite:  seeing picture of man, dog, snake killing cow.  I saw 1 thing I’ve never ever seen:  a Mummy!!!!

Wildlife Reserve:  favorite part:  seeing real Bald Eagle!!!!!!  Second favorite:  pretending to fish.  I learned that catfish are bigger than I thought.

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