*  I went to the ENT on Tuesday and was recommended to have my tonsils out (a surgery that I will most likely have to forego, but that’s unrelated).  I told the girls that I might have to have surgery on my throat, and Elisabeth looked at me as solemnly as you can imagine and asked, “Does that mean the doctor will cut your head off?”

*  The same day, I took her to the restroom at McDonald’s and it happened to be one of those kinds of restrooms–the kind with the automatic flush.  (See my related post here.)  She begged me to block the sensor, but I rather cold-heartedly refused.  “You’re a big girl,” I said.  “But what if it flushes while I’m sitting on it?”  “Nothing bad will happen to you.  You’ll be ok.  It’s just a flush.”  “I know, Mommy.  I’ll ask God to hold it.”  Then she looked up at the ceiling, and said, “God, will you–,”  then she stopped, looked at me and said, “I always look up when I’m talking to God.”  She went on–“God, will you not let the potty flush while I’m sitting on it?”  Now, the best ending to this story I guess would be to say that she pottied and no flush and all was well.  However, she wasn’t quite finished yet, when…FLUSH!!  I thought, “Oh, no!  What’s she going to think about this!”  I grabbed her up, held her close until she finished trembling, all the while fussing at myself for not just holding the stupid sensor.  A few seconds went by while she calmed down.  I held my breath, wondering what she was going to say now.  She took a breath, looked up at the ceiling and said in an exasperated voice, “GO-OD!”  Then I got the age-old question in a slightly new form:  “Mommy, why would God let that potty flush while I’m sitting on it when He knew it would scare me?”  “Because, sweet girl, sometimes God lets things happen to us that we wish wouldn’t happen because He knows that that’s the best way for us to grow more like Him right then.”

*  Then yesterday, she came whining up to me for the zillionth time that day, but this complaint kind of threw me for a loop:  “Mom, I need a fake leg!”  “Why do you need a fake leg?” “Because my boo-boo is not getting any better!”  “But I don’t have any fake legs to give you.”  “Then next time you go to the store, will you get one for me?”

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