Happy birthday, Catherine Grace!

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My sweet Catherine Grace is 6!!  She has grown by leaps and bounds over the past year, just not so much physically!  She has begun to read like crazy, she is a huge help around the house, and she is coming into her own socially.  She finished kindergarten just a few weeks ago and is now ready to take first grade by storm.  She has moved up in gymnastics, and is wading into the waters of her first few weeks on the competitive team.  It is always so fun to watch these precious little gifts develop before our very eyes, and Catherine is no different.

She is known as the quiet, calm child, but that’s just because not everyone sees her every day at home.  She definitely has her silly, giggly moments.  She is in a questioning, figuring-out stage right now, and many times when we say we are going to do something, she’ll think for a minute, then say, “Are you doing that because _____?”  Most of the time, she figures out the reason but sometimes her logic is quite interesting.  She continues to be, quiet or not, a leader in the fun when a bunch of kids are together.  She’ll say, “Ok, let’s play this,” and those children will just follow her lead.  She absolutely loves anything having to do with other kids–classes at church, playing with homeschool friends, gymnastics, whatever.

She has a deep heart, a deep faith, and a deep trust in God.  She sometimes remembers to pray about things before her mommy and daddy.  She is the first to point out a biblical application in what we’re telling them to do.  She can come across as a goody-two-shoes, I guess, but she really does try hard to please and do what she knows is right.  I pray that her heart always remains this tender toward pleasing God.

It is such a joy to be Catherine’s mommy.  Happy birthday, sweet girl.  I love you.

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