And still more Elisabeth-isms

Elisabeth has been at it again.  Here are a few more of her everyday moments:

*  Her daddy had caught her in a few lies lately and had been getting onto her about it.  Then he happened to be questioning her about some new little transgression.  After he had asked her a couple times whether she had done whatever it was without getting a confession, she finally burst out in frustration, “Daddy, don’t ask me that!  I don’t want to lie to you!!”

*  At swim practice one day, she decided she was brave enough to try going down the wall without floats.  I was nervous about this so I walked along right next to her.  At one point, at about the 8-feet-deep level, she said, “Hey, Mom, watch this!” and proceeded to duck her whole body under water, her fingers slipping right to the edge of the wall.  Once my heart started beating again, about the time her head popped back up, I said, “Elisabeth, don’t do that!  Just keep moving toward the ladder and climb out and get your floats back on!”  She looked at me in disgust and said, “Mo-om!  I am not gonna freak you out!!”

*  Finally, the other day, she wanted Samuel to play with her but he was having nothing to do with it.  She kept whining for him, even grabbing his arm and pulling on it.  He was getting more and more frustrated with her, and she was just on the verge of getting into trouble when we heard her mutter, “Ok, fine…if you don’t want to do awesome stuff!”

She has more personality in her little finger than some people will have in a lifetime.

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