Happy birthday, Silas Judson!

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Wow.  The past year flew by in minutes and took a lifetime doing it.  There were certain days with my mind-boggling little Silas that I didn’t think we’d ever make it to this point.  God sent us Silas so that we’d never be tempted to think that having four babies already meant that we had it all figured out.  But here we are, already to Silas’s first birthday blog!

Silas Judson.  Our little snuggle-boy.  Our little man who wriggles all over when he’s happy, and screams like a little girl when he’s not, and checks out into a cool cucumber zone in between.  Our first and third kids are extremely intense and dramatic.  Our second and fourth kids are mellow as they come.  We wondered if Silas would follow the pattern or break it.  Well, I think he combined the two.  When he’s intense he’s very very intense, but when he’s calm he’s chillin’.

Silas baffled us on many fronts.  Does he have reflux or doesn’t he?  The first baby to spike a fever before the age of 1, warranting a 4 am trip to the ER.  The kid who stayed in Mom and Dad’s room the longest because we just couldn’t trust him to not wake his brother all night.  The one who got the doctors worried when at nine months he couldn’t even get himself to a sitting position, but then he sat, stood, and crawled all within a week of that doctor’s appointment.

But he’s a tough cookie.  He has to be, to survive in this family.  Between Samuel’s play and Elisabeth’s help, he needs rescued several times a day.  I’d say he’ll hold his own, though.  He’s got an arm on him, and has smacked me in the face several times to prove it.

He is generally a happy little dude, prompting one boy at church to tell his grandma that he knows a baby who never ever cries and his name is Silas.  He has a crinkle-nosed cheesy grin that he reserves for his happiest moments.  I usually get to see it when I pick him up from the nursery or get him from a babysitter.  He loves the animals, and “Elliot” and “kitty” are the first two words that we know he’s saying on purpose.  He’s taken a step a time or two, but mostly just crawls faster than lightning just like his brother did.

His siblings are crazy about him, and although the past year with Silas has had some tough moments, none of us can imagine the Hall family without him.  Happy birthday, Silas Judson!  Mommy loves you so so much!!

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