In the lighter moments…

Contrary to what the several previous posts would lead you to believe, we have had many moments of joy and laughter over the past difficult weeks.  Case in point:  the other day when my kids started showcasing their joking talents.  I’ll just script it out and let you enjoy yourself.  May not have it exact in my memory, but it went something like this:

Mom:  Abigail, tell Daddy the joke you made up while we were in Somerset.  I forgot to tell it to him.

Abigail:  Ok!  Dad, who were the fairy-tale-land policeman’s best friends?

Dad:  I don’t know.   Who?

Abigail:  Jack and Jail!

Mom and Dad:  various sounds of being impressed and “that’s a good one”

Abigail:  beaming with pride

Elisabeth:  I have a joke, too!  Daddy, Daddy, I have a joke too!!

Mom:  Ok, let’s hear it.

Elisabeth (making it up on the spot but with absolutely no hesitation):  Why did the boy play basketball?

Dad:  I don’t know.  Why?

Elisabeth:  Because the tomato told him to!!

Mom and Dad:  chuckling at first, then looking at each other and absolutely cracking up because it just struck us so funny.

Elisabeth:  Beaming with pride.

Abigail (seeing that we laughed harder at Elisabeth’s joke than at her joke):  I have another one that I made up!!

Mom:  Go for it.

Abigail:  How did the math genius do in the numbers contest?

Mom:  I don’t know.  How did he do?

Abigail:  He “one!”  Get it?

Mom: Hey, that’s another really good one!  You’re good at these jokes.

Samuel (catching on to a fun game):  I have a joke.  Why did the boy play soccer? Because the marshmallow told him to!!

Mom and Dad:  fake laughing appropriately and praising our little funny boy.

Catherine (who has been watching silently up to this point):  Ok, ok, I have a joke now!!

Dad:  Let’s hear it.

Catherine, pausing:  Wait a minute–I haven’t made it up yet!

Mom and Dad:  looking at each other trying not to crack up.

Catherine:  Ok, ok, I have it!  Why did the chicken cross the road?

Mom:  I don’t know.  Why?

Catherine:  looking at Mom with a dumbfounded face, not saying a word, visible wheels turning in her head but nothing ever coming out of her mouth.

Mom (after a few moments of the above):  Did you forget to make up the answer?

Catherine, sheepishly:  Yes.

Mom and Dad:  begin wiping tears from their eyes, leaning on the counter for support, unable to breathe for laughing so hard.

Children:  looking at each other wondering why Mom and Dad are crying when they’re supposed to be laughing.


And these are the moments that keep us going.

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