Quick update

This is probably the longest I’ve gone without posting on my blog, but what can I say?  Life has been happening, I’ve been busy, I’ve been exhausted, etc. etc. etc.  Anyway, just a quick update from the Hall house:

*  Probably the biggest “things” going on in our lives recently have been our alternating medical procedures.  Clay has had one test and one procedure so far for his ulcers/scarring and he goes back Thursday for a second procedure.  Then I had my wisdom teeth removed last Friday and that has been a little more difficult recovery than I had anticipated.   It’s all minor stuff, of course, but we’ve been joking that we’ve saved up most of the “in sickness” part of our vows for this fall.  Actually, we’re just trying to squeeze it in before our insurance deductible goes up in January.  Still praying about how to pay all the bills though, even at the better coverage rates!

*  Kids are great, hilarious as usual.  Abigail has a Christmas show with her musical theater class coming up on December 10.  She’s really enjoying that class, but we’ve made the decision to drop it after the show.  Two separate trips to Paducah each week for drama classes created a little too much, well, drama in our schedule and checkbook, so we had her choose which one to continue.  She chose Footlights, the Saturday morning class at the community theater, so we’ll be saying goodbye to our Thursday night trip in just a few weeks.  Catherine had her first gymnastics meet Saturday, making a very good showing for her first time!  She really had a great time, bouncing around during the warm-ups and showing off what she’s been working so hard on.  She and Elisabeth are both still doing great and loving gymnastics.  Elisabeth read her first book in Phonics last week and was extremely proud of herself.  She is doing great with her letters and reading.  Samuel–or I guess I should say Superman–continues to save the day quite frequently.  This morning he came in our room looking worried and said, “Where’s Abigail?  I can’t find her and I need to rescue her!!”  Silas still talks all the time, and we’re actually picking out a word or two here and there.  He is running around with the big kids more and more each day and still loves to make us laugh.

*  Church continues on in transition.  We are in the process of calling another interim pastor after our last one finished up at the end of September.  Clay, with lots of help, pulled off his annual fall event–NightStrike–a couple of weeks ago and a big fundraiser cookout on Saturday.  I am planning to start a ladies’ Bible Study in January, and the kids are practicing for their Christmas musical.  We’re praying hard that God would see fit to bring us a Godly, biblically-minded pastor very soon.

*  We would really appreciate prayers as we continue on the journey God has for us–that our marriage would continue to strengthen, our parenting would be consistent and Christ-focused, our church would be revived and refreshed, our bills will be paid, and our hearts would be ever more like Christ.  Thanks for your prayers!

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