All in a day’s script

All of the following were overheard in the same day among the Hall clan:

* Samuel was playing with my ipod. He said, “Mom, your ipod is wet.” “Samuel! How did it get wet?” “I ‘choo-ed’ on it.” “Samuel, you know you’re not supposed to put my ipod in your mouth!” “I didn’t put it in my mouth!” “But you said you chewed on it.” “No, I didn’t. I ‘choo-ed’ on it!” (Note: choo-ed and chewed sound exactly the same to a mommy who’s not following the three-year-old train of thought very well.) “I know! But you can’t put my ipod in your mouth!” Exasperated three-year-old sigh. “Mo-om! I….(I could see his wheels turning, searching for a way to communicate in a way his slow mommy could grasp)…you know…I bless you-ed on it!” Light bulb! “Oh! You sneezed on it?” “Yes!” Finally, Mom caught on!

* Leaving Fazoli’s, I asked the girls to pick up all the pieces of pizza and bread that Silas had thrown in the floor. They immediately began dividing up how many pieces each child would have to pick up. Samuel stooped down to help. As they stood back up to throw their pieces away, Clay said, “Did you get them all?” Abigail, in a very casual voice, said, “Yeah. Except Samuel ate his.” Sure enough, he was still chewing about five bites worth that had been on the floor way longer than the five-minute allotment!

* The girls got cookies at the end of Abigail’s musical theater class. Catherine gave half of hers to Samuel when she got in the van, but a few minutes later Silas started fussing because he saw them eating and he didn’t have anything. I asked Samuel if he was done with his cookie. “Yes.” “Did you have any left?” “Yes.” “Can Silas have it?” “Yes.” Pause, expecting him to hand it across the van, but he didn’t. “Samuel, can you hand the cookie to Silas?” “It’s hiding. It can’t come out.” “Um, please?” “It’s hiding.” This went back and forth for several minutes with Silas becoming more and more agitated before he finally said, “Oh, here it is,” and handed it across.

* When we got home and were trying to get them ready for bed, Catherine announced, completely out of the blue, “Mom and Dad, I need to confess. I have not been wearing socks with my boots!”

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