Things I’ve learned…in the past month

*  Christmas is like Halloween on steroids as far as candy goes.  Between Christmas parades, Christmas parties, “last class before Christmas” nights, Christmas stockings, Christmas activities at church–multiply all of that by five children and Willy Wonka is at our house scratching his head in amazement at our own private candy stores.  Good thing I have a stockpile of toothpaste!

*  Sending Clay out to cut our own Christmas tree sounded like a much better idea before it actually happened.

                *  Sub-point:  clear all small children and animals out of the room before your husband drags in the tree that he cut down.  If you fail to do this, you may not be able to find them for awhile.  When you do find them, you will be picking cedar splinters out of their skin for the next several hours.


*  Just because you finally got a tree that fits inside your house and got it in the stand and gave a half-hearted attempt at decorating it and it stood there for four whole days with no incidents, doesn’t mean that it’s not going to fall completely over on day five.


*  A family of seven traveling for ten days will require more than a five piece luggage set.


*  Our family is incredibly blessed to have four “family” celebrations plus four or five dear friends who loved on us this year with gifts–multiply all of that by five children and Geoffrey the Toys R Us Giraffe is at our house scratching his head in amazement at our own private toy stores.


*  When a mom and a dad leave their five children at home while they go on vacation for five days and four nights all by themselves, they will spend the first day reminding each other that they don’t have to get a highchair, ask the backseat if it needs to potty, or check to see if the bathroom has a diaper changing station.

*  When Mapquest tells you that it will take fifteen hours and nineteen minutes to drive from Somerset, KY to Ft. Lauderdale, FL, you should check the fine print to see if they wrote that on April Fool’s Day.

*  When they tell you that your timeshare tour will take two hours, they mean if you buy it, it will take two hours.  If you tell them no, it will take four hours because they will keep getting someone else to try to convince you why you’re being stupid to tell them no.

*  You will see all sorts of people on a cruise, especially one of the cheaper two-night cruises.  Enough said.

*  Not much is more relaxing than lying on a sunny afternoon on an almost empty beach with your best friend.

*  Gators in the swamp look really cool until they swim right up within chomping distance.

*  Not much is more relaxing than sitting past sunset on an almost empty beach with your best friend.

*  When Mapquest tells you that it will take fifteen hours and nineteen minutes to drive from Ft. Lauderdale, FL to Somerset, KY, they were just kidding again.

*  A five day break from the kiddos is awesome and much enjoyed, but those first tight hugs when you get back are priceless.

*  Children who swear up and down that they are not going to sleep before they watch the “ball of lights” can be easily convinced otherwise by placing them in a dark car for four hours.

*  The central time zone is a great place to be if you do in fact choose to keep your promise to wake them up in time to watch the “ball of lights.”  It falls at 11:00 here instead of midnight!

*  It takes two grownups thirty minutes and half of the living room space to unload the ten-days-of-luggage-for-seven-people and the new private toy store from two vehicles.

*  And finally, and most important:  WE ARE RICHLY BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE!!!  Thanks to all who made all of the above possible for us.  We love you and pray that God will bless you as you have blessed us.



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