He’s been working…

I know I’ve been relatively silent this month.  At different times on different days, I would think, “I really need to post a blog….but on what?”  That’s just how it is sometimes–inspiration just doesn’t strike.  But my silence does not mean, like last time, that life has been so hard that I just couldn’t write about it.  Nor does it mean that absolutely nothing has been going on.

On the contrary, life has been pretty good at the Hall house lately.  We started the year off freshly rested from our cruise-for-just-the-two-of-us, and somehow we were able to carry that “We’re resting and relaxing and we’re not going to get upset about stuff” mentality forward.  I’ve felt a strong leading from the Holy Spirit to remain steadfast, refuse to freak out about every little wind that comes my way, and trust in the Lord to take care of us, and He has poured on the grace to help me maintain this attitude.  So those two mindsets combined have made the first 25 days of 2012 relatively peaceful for me.

This is not due, however, to an absense of “issues.”  Church drama continues, as church drama will.  However, Clay and I are really excited and encouraged about the leadership qualities in our new interim.  He seems to have the wisdom and experience necessary to deal with our issues, and I’m hopeful that we can resolve many things while he is with us.  Money issues are always with us, as they are with everyone, with medical bills still in a pile and none of our other bills taking a break while the medical bills are being addressed.  But He is faithful, and my attitude, through His grace, has been one of quiet trust.

He has been really working through the books that I’ve been reading.  I finished Loving the Little Years by Rachel Jankovic in lightning speed, and I highly recommend it to anyone raising small children, especially if you have a passel of them like I do. It was just a super reminder to look at every moment with my kids through eyes of love instead of frustration.  I’m now reading Give Them Grace by Elyse Fitzpatrick, and the principles in this book would remove the burden off of any parent’s back, I would think.  Another strong recommendation!  Also, I’m leading a ladies’ Bible study using A Place of Quiet Rest by Nancy Leigh DeMoss, and even though I’ve already broken my goal of spending some amount of time every day reading Scripture, this book is stirring my soul to sweeter communion with the Lord each day.  I love spending time in books written by such saints, and He never fails to minister to me through them.

And of course, He is always working on me through my family.  Every day presents countless opportunities to lay down my life for them, opportunites that I miss far too often, I’m afraid.  But everytime He enables me to see those opportunities for what they truly are–a chance to become more like Christ, a chance to die to myself, a chance to love my precious ones–I am the one who is blessed through my service.  I just pray that I would seize these opportunities more and more each day.

So, while I’ve been silent, He’s been working.  Working in my family, in my church, in my heart.  What has He been working for you so far in 2012?

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