Happy Birthday, Elisabeth Anne!

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Five years ago today it was about 8 degrees in Lafayette, Indiana when we headed to the hospital to find out who would be joining our family that day.  Our third baby girl, little Elisabeth Anne, joined us and invited us along with her on her ride.  She is both sweet and sassy, snuggly and mischievous, a dainty flower and a spunky firecracker.  What she lacks in stature she makes up for in personality, which she possesses in spades.  This past year, her four-year-old year, she has really begun to show some signs of turning into a “big kid.”  She has really advanced at gymnastics, she finally moved out of the nursery at church, she got to play soccer for the first time, and maybe most importantly, she finally got to start school.  Lots of milestones for one little girl.  It’s so fun to watch her finally figuring out how to play with her sisters, and to watch her sense of humor crack them up.  She can be a little smart-mouthed, which thankfully so far has just been hilarious and not a discipline issue.  She takes us by surprise with her spunkiness because it is just so unexpected out of such a tiny person.  With all her spunkiness, though, she is still very shy and has to really feel comfortable before she’ll pop her thumb out of her mouth and let loose.  This has earned her the title of “angel” by those who don’t really know her well, but those of us who know the true Elisabeth hear the term “angel” and agree that this angel’s halo is slightly crooked most of the time!  She’s the child that is just so darn cute in her mischief that she manages to get away with more than her sisters ever did.  She absolutely keeps things hopping at the Hall house, and we can’t imagine a life without our little Bessie Anne.

Sweet  Elisabeth, I love you more than I can say.  When you climb into bed to snuggle with me in the mornings, sometimes my heart hurts with love for you.  I pray that your spirit remains sweet, your spunkiness takes you far, and mostly that your heart remains soft to things of the Lord.  May He be drawing you ever closer to the day when He makes you His own, and may you follow His lead throughout your whole life.  Happy birthday, sweet girl!  Have fun!

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One Response to Happy Birthday, Elisabeth Anne!

  1. staceycarrol says:

    I love this little girl!!

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