Happy Birthday, Abigail Nicole!

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Nine years ago today she made me a mommy.  As the oldest, she continues to be our “trailblazer,” the first kid to hit every age and every phase and every milestone, breaking us in as parents.  Over the last year, we’ve continued to see little signs of growing up; a little more responsibility here, a little more self-control there.  Our greatest moment of the past year was hearing her tell us that God had given her a new heart and she was His child.  What a joy to watch her daddy baptize her!  But there has also been much joy in the little moments–watching her with Silas and taking such good care of him, watching her continue to thrive in her schoolwork, hearing her giggle and play with her sisters–her best friends, watching her devour books just like her mommy used to.  She’s already figuring out that growing up can be tough, but she weathers the bumps well through the grace of God.  I pray that His hand sustains her through the years that are to come when so many choices and confusions and tests will likely come her way.  I love the talks that we get to have with her, I love when she freely shares with me what troubles her and how her friendships are going and what makes her tick.  I pray for grace to be the mom that encourages those heart-sharing conversations to continue.  She is an awesome kid, and she brings such light to our lives, as she always has.  She doesn’t say “Harry-Ferry 10” anymore when you ask when her birthday is, and her hair  is no longer curly like it was, but she is still our sweet baby girl.

I love you, Abigail Nicole!  May you continue to have a heart that is soft toward the voice of the Lord as you begin to navigate these “tween” years!

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