A Day in the Life of a Mommy, Round Three

“Hey, Mommy!  It’s morning! Now let’s watch a show!”

My quiet time’s not over, but it’s time to go!

It’s only 6:30 but my day has begun.

Welcome to life as a mommy.


Let’s get that first diaper change out of the way

And downstairs we go to start off our day.

“I want oatmeal!” “I want Pop-Tart!” “I need a drink!”

“Can I have some more, please, Mommy?”


Back upstairs to do “Morning Stuff,”

Somehow one reminder is never enough.

Combing hair, brushing teeth, getting clothes on.

“Please go make your bed now for Mommy.”


Now that we’re ready, school can begin.

“Girls, do your reading, you’re on Chapter 10.”

Bible and Phonics with Samuel and Bess,

“I’m ready for Grammar now, Mommy!”


The rest of the morning is filled up with jobs:

Doing laundry and dishes and calming their sobs.

“She pulled my hair!” “He took away!”

“Silas dumped the salt again, Mommy!”


“What do you want for lunch?” “Peanut butter and jelly!

And remember that Cheetos are great for my belly!”

“I want more!” “I’m all done!” “Can I have a cookie?”

“You forgot my drink, silly Mommy!”


A little more school, then take Silas to bed.

The thought of doing math often fills her with dread.

But we buckle down and get it done.

“Can I watch a movie now, Mommy?”


I sit down for a moment but then hear his cries.

I go in to find him rubbing wake-up eyes.

Rest time is over, the snacks come out.

And it’s back to work now, Mommy.


“Mommy, I pee-peed!” (Oh dear, it’s on the chair.)

“Mommy, Silas has yogurt in his hair!”

“Play with me, Mommy!” “Can you find my book?”

“Samuel dumped the cars out again, Mommy!”


I look at the clock. Hurray, it’s almost time!

Onto the couch by the window they climb.

“I see him! There’s Daddy!” And to the door they run.

Everyone’s forgotten about the mommy.


Time now for dinner.  “Girls, come and sit down.”

“Remember to eat and not act like a clown.”

“Take a bite.”  “Use your fork.”  “Let’s use our manners.”

“Can we have a treat now, please, Mommy?”


Some nights we load into the van and we go.

Anywhere we are we make quite a show.

“Stay with us and keep your hands to yourself!”

“Yes, they’re all mine.  I’m their Mommy.”


The evening’s now over.  Prayers have been said.

Daddy takes his two boys to tuck them in bed.

The girls climb in bed with expectant faces.

Time to read a chapter with Mommy.


The house is now quiet. I sit down with a sigh.

The days are so long, but oh, how they fly.

My body’s exhausted, my brain is worn out,

But after all, I am a Mommy.


I climb into bed and know this is bliss.

I turn to my husband for my good night kiss.

But lightly I sleep because likely as not,

Someone will be crying for Mommy.

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