The Great Flood (by Abigail)

The Great Flood

The rain pounded on the muddy ground>

Lightning flashed all around!

Thunder bellowed at the men!

The wind blew, stopped, then blew again.

The earth trembled, it seemed like the end!

Men worked furiously inside the boat.

Noah hollered, “Make it float!”

His family rushed inside the ark.

Animals scurried.  “Come on, aardvark!”

When the rain stopped and the land dried,

Happy Noah glorified.

His eyes scanned the barren land,

The dove flew from his trembling hand.

All the animals came out again.

From Noah’s family a new earth would begin.

**This was a recent writing assignment for Abigail.  Basically she had starter lines that consisted of the noun in each line, and she filled in the rest.  I know that some of the timing and details in her poem don’t exactly match up with the biblical account, but–if I’m allowed to brag a little bit–I thought she did a remarkable job on her poem!  Thanks for letting me boast for a minute!

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