Another year under our belt…

We finished Year Five of the Hall Homeschool, although we didn’t exactly finish with a bang!  Mom got strep the last week of school, so Dad gallantly stepped in and brought the year to a close with the bare minimum of schooling each day.  So we finished third grade, first grade and preschool, and now we’re looking ahead to August which will find me schooling a fourth-grader, second-grader, kindergartner, and preschooler!

Each girl did remarkably well again.  Abigail now has two years of Latin down, and continues to keep her daddy on his toes as he tries to learn it as fast as she is.  We’ve studied from Creation through the Kings of Israel and Judah in Bible, and from Creation through the end of the Roman Empire in History.  She excels in Grammar, Writing, and Spelling, and of course always does well in Reading.  She started struggling just a little in Math this year, pulling consistent B’s instead of consistent A’s, which had me a little concerned until I read another classical homeschooling curriculum that had her math book placed at an advanced fourth-grade/average fifth-grade level (in our curriculum this book is the recommended book for third grade).  So I felt pretty good about her 87 average for the year when I looked at it in that context!  So we are doing some math practice this summer just to keep it fresh in her mind, and we’ll see how she does in fourth grade.

Catherine handled the stepped-up demands of first grade like a pro.  She flew through the first grade reading curriculum and finished it by Christmas, so moved on to second-grade chapter books for the second half of the year.  She also did extremely well for her first year of Grammar.  Math and Spelling can trip her up if she is not paying close attention to what she’s doing, but when she slows down and concentrates, she does very well.  She actually had kind of an easy year this year, and I hope she’s ready because second grade really takes it up a notch!  She’ll begin Latin and Writing, and join her sister in studying Bible and History.  I think she’s ready though!

Elisabeth loved preschool!  She got to learn nursery rhymes and make crafts for them, read and color many famous children’s poems, and begin learning some crucial character qualities.  She learned from Creation through Elijah in Bible, and completed the Kindergarten level of the Phonics Museum program.  She can sound out and read simple words that follow phonics rules, and read many others by sight.  She is most looking forward to kindergarten because she gets to start math and she is super excited about that!

And Mom survived as well!  There are new challenges every year, and this year was no different.  This was my first year to school three children.  We had to really stick to a schedule in order to get everything done.  And Silas gave up his morning nap earlier this spring which meant I had to somehow entertain him while doing school with the others.  Samuel did well sitting with Elisabeth for part of her school each day, so hopefully he’ll be good to go to start preschool in August, which makes next year my first year to school four children!  But we continue to absolutely love it!  There is not one iota of wavering as to whether this is the right choice for our family.  So, five years down and the Hall Homeschool is still going strong!

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