Moments to remember

We took a family splurge day at Beech Bend Park in Bowling Green on Monday.  We had never been to this park so we went cautiously, hoping hard that we had made a good choice when we opted for the closer, cheaper, smaller, untried park over the farther, more expensive, larger, more-famous park.  We could tell within the first few moments there that we had made a good decision!  The day was filled with moments to file away in our memory box, a few not-so-good, most great.  Thought I’d share some here.


Moments to remember, May 28, 2012:

*  The trip almost ending before it started when the van overheated 10 minutes away from the park.

*  Eating gas station pizza for lunch in the van while praying that the engine coolant would do the trick. (It did!)

*  Listening to our kids name off which rides they wanted to do first–rides they had never seen or ridden but knew by name since they had memorized the park website the day before!

*  Listening to their laughs of pure glee as we rode the first ride

*  Samuel finding the button that made an obnoxious horn noise on the motorcycle ride, and holding it down for the whole ride!

*  Standing with my kids on the bridge next to the water ride so we could get splashed (one of my favorite things to do as a kid at amusement parks)

*  Watching Abigail enthusiastically try every single ride in the park except one that we had to skip for time’s sake (she gave them all a thumb’s up except two)

*  Watching Silas ride all of his rides with a look of intense concentration on his face–we never could figure out if he liked them but he was always game to try when we got him out of his stroller

*  Watching a full drink spill and not stressing a bit since all the drinks were free all through the park!

*  Four kids having a blast in the water park, and one kid absolutely freaking out when we tried to set him down.  Silas is definitely not a waterbug.

*  Samuel stepping on a bumblebee as he climbed out of the wave pool.  Hands down, the bottom moment of the day.

*  Waiting next to the bumblebee ride which was Samuel’s favorite (ironic, right?) while Dad and Abigail rode a big-kid ride, and the temptation of riding his favorite ride again was enough to finally coax him to put his shoe back on, get out of the stoller, and walk on his injured foot so that he could ride it.

*  Finishing up with a repeat ride on the carousel, where Silas rode his own up-and-down horse, but the rhythm of the music and motion was too much for a tired boy who had missed his nap, and he literally fell asleep on his horse!

*  Asking Samuel what he liked and him saying, “Not stepping on a bumblebee!”  Asking him his favorite ride and him saying, “The stroller!”

*  Finishing up with an impromptu dinner with Nanny and Papa

*  Ending the day knowing that we were good parents and none of the kids got sunburned!  (Mom and Dad didn’t make out quite so well, but we did pretty well overall!)


We had a super fun day at a great park that we would highly recommend, at least for families with elementary or younger-aged children.


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