Happy Birthday, Catherine Grace!

This post is two days late because we were camping on her birthday, but Catherine Grace is now 7!  That seems so unreal!  She is cementing her reputation as the sweet one, the quiet one, but she has lots of giggles and silliness in her, too.  She has been the wiggliest of our children from the womb, and still finds it almost impossible to sit still.  Gymnastics is a natural fit for such a bouncy little girl and she is moving on up at the gym, competing with Level 3 this year.  She is a reader to the core, like her sister and her mama before her, and can breeze through a chapter book in a day.  She has such a sweet spirit and finds such joy in helping out.  She wants to help out in any way possible, even when sometimes her “help” creates a bit more work for her mom!  She has a heart to love others, and loves to go visit the elderly lady from church who lives across from us.  When she comes home from these visits and I ask her what they did, she says, “We just talked.”  Probably the greatest memory of the past year would be her coming to the realization that God had given her a new heart.  With Catherine, there wasn’t really one specific moment when she prayed a prayer that we can point to as the day she got saved.  Rather, it seemed like she just kind of grew into it, and understood more and more until one day she said, “I do have a new heart already!  I do trust Jesus!”  We look forward to celebrating her baptism next month!

Catherine is such a sweet girl and I pray that the Lord keeps working in her heart to preserve that sweet spirit for His glory.  May she continue to seek to serve others and please Him.  I pray that she grows and grows into a young lady who is deeply committed to walking with Jesus.  Happy birthday, sweet girl!  I love you!


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