Happy Birthday, Catherine Grace!

Wow–I can’t believe Catherine is already 8!  It is such a joy to be her mom.  From teaching her math and history, to driving her to and from the gym several days a week, to being on the receiving end of her bear hugs every night before bed, mothering her is a joy.  She lives life with great gusto.  She finds great excitement in the small things in life, and her excitement is contagious.  She is always coming up with big ideas and plans, and recruits her siblings and friends to come along with her.  We are constantly hearing announcements that the show or the circus or the play is about to begin and here is our ticket and we need to hurry up and get upstairs.  She is becoming fiercely independent, having learned to tie her shoes, ride her bike, do her own ponytails, and fix lunch by herself all in the last few months, and she gets quite irritated when I step in to “help” with any of these things.  She continues to grow in her faith, sometimes being more consistent with her Bible time than I am with mine!  She has learned to take notes during sermons, and it’s always special to look over and see what she was able to glean from the message.

I pray that as she continues to grow, God would bless her not only physically with health and safety, but spiritually as He continues to mold and shape her little heart into a heart that beats for His glory.  I have no idea what life will bring her way, but I pray that she meets it with faith and grace.

Happy birthday, Catherine Grace!  I love you!

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