Happy birthday, Silas!!

Our funny little Silas is 3!  So hard to believe it’s been three years already!  Silas fills our world with laughter.  He is so quickly turning from a toddler to a little boy.  He is so excited about getting to start soccer this fall, he knows some of his letters, he can count to ten and beyond, and he loves to sing.  He follows his big brother the way Catherine used to follow Abigail.  He looks to Samuel for leadership and direction as to which superhero to be, which superpower to have, which book to read and which movie to watch.  He is fiercely independent, and woe to the parent or sibling who does for him something he wanted to do for himself.  He loves everything to do with a ball, and we are excited to finally get to sign him up for a sport in a month or so, instead of having to tell him once again that he just gets to watch.  He is constantly cracking us up, not just with what he says, but with the way he says it–his personality shows through in every inflection, every raised eyebrow, every funny expression he makes as he talks.

We are so blessed to be allowed to raise Silas Judson.  I pray that his heart remains soft to the things of God, and that he is used mightily for the kingdom.  Happy birthday, Silas Judson!  We love you so much!


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