Happy (belated) birthday, Samuel!

Well, better late than never, I guess!  We went out of town early on the morning of your birthday, and since we’ve been home minutes at the keyboard have been few and far between.  But, finally, here is your 5-year-old birthday post!  5?!?  How has it already been five years since some blue made its way into all of our pink?  We were so excited to meet our first little boy, and these five years with you have been so full of joy.  You live life with an exuberance and gusto that I envy, even as it teaches me lessons on finding joy in the simple.  You are a protector at heart, with your superhero costumes and your pride in being the “man of the house” when Daddy is not home.  I pray that the protector in you grows stronger with time, so that you will be ready and equipped to be the protector of your own little Hall clan in God’s time.  You definitely have a silly side, and giggles flow freely as you play with your “best brother of the day” and your sisters.  You tend more toward the indoors, not really enjoying being uncomfortable in the heat or the cold, which was evident in you even as a tiny newborn.  But you did enjoy t-ball this summer, so maybe you’ll venture outside a little more as the years come.  You are doing absolutely wonderful in kindergarten, and I rarely ever hear a complaint or a moan when I say it’s time to do school.  You work hard, and stay at it until you are completely finished, and I love that quality in you.  Never let that go.  Your heart seems soft toward the things of God, and I pray that He makes it completely new so that you spend your life loving and serving Him.  He will be your mainstay, hold tightly to Him.

I love you so, Samuel Frederic.  I am so thankful for the joy of being your mom.


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