Funny little boys

Overheard from my little men recently:

Samuel: “Hey, Silas! Let’s play Billy and Billy–I’ll be Billy.”

I was telling Silas what his doctor checkup would be like, I told him the doctor would ask him questions, like what he likes to eat. He said, “I’ll tell her I like to eat lunch, and breakfast, and supper.”

Silas, seeing one of his daddy’s first lunches on the new healthy eating journey: “Dad, you’re eating leaves!”

And, I’m learning that boy-humor will almost always involve conversations like the following, overheard this afternoon:
Daddy, after hearing a suspicious sound from Silas’s direction: “Silas, say excuse me.”
Samuel: “Dad! He didn’t toot! His belly just burped!”
Silas: “No, Samuel! My belly didn’t burp, my bottom burped!”
Samuel, dissolving into giggles: “Silas! That’s called tooting!!”

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