5 years at Salem Baptist

Yesterday marked 5 years since our first official Sunday at Salem Baptist, the first Sunday in December, 2008.  That is definitely worthy of commemoration.  I’ve been trying to think of the right words to express all that these five years have been.  They have been sprinkled with quite a few difficulties, and on the hard days, the difficulties sometimes receive more than their fair share of the focus.  But there have been many blessings as well.  There are people in this church who love us and have made us part of their families.   And God has given each of us opportunities for growth here.  I hope that we are more mature, closer to the Lord, and more steady in our faith than we were this time five years ago.  As our future is completely uncertain, it is comforting to look back and see His hand on our lives through the past five years.

I felt like pictures might do a better job of conveying the memories of these years, so I’ve searched and found some highlights:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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