Happy birthday, Lydia Faith!

I can’t believe it’s been a year!  And I can’t believe we survived a year!!  You sure have taken me through the wringer, sweet girl!  Beginning with your birth, when you didn’t want Mommy to have pain meds or lie on her back or even breathe without added oxygen, you have insisted on doing things your way at your time.  You can be quite the tyrant, but you are awfully sweet about it.  You have not just your mommy wrapped around your finger, but your siblings are pretty taken with you, too.  I’ll do my best to help you grow up without being spoiled, but I have to fight your sisters on it sometimes!

You grow in little ways every single day, right before our eyes.  You are showing yourself to be quite the talker, but none of us can seem to interpret your constant babbling.  It sure does sound sweet, though.  And you are so funny when you talk and talk and then crack yourself up.  We all laugh with you even though we didn’t understand your joke!

You are happiest when you’re holding a pen, and we have to be very careful that you only get hold of pens that are firmly closed!  You love yogurt and would eat it every meal if we let you.  You’re doing great with your big girl sippy cup, and can drain some milk or apple juice in no time flat.  You love babies and get very excited when you see a baby–whether it’s another real baby, a doll, or your own reflection.

You are a tiny little thing–falling just below the 5th percentile a few weeks ago.  But you more than make up for it in personality!  You are crawling like lightning, and have accidentally stood on your own a few times.  I think walking is still another month or two off, though.  You’ve earned yourself the not so prestigious distinction of being the only Hall kid to still not sleep through the night consistently at 12 months, and your mother would greatly appreciate it if you would conform with your siblings on that one.

What a year this has been.  Mommy’s emotions have been all over the map with you, Lyddie-byddie.  Wanting to stretch out every last baby moment, but excited for you to grow and develop and let’s face it–sleep better!  I love you so much.  There’s no one I’d rather spend time with at 4:30 am.

My prayer for you is the same prayer I’ve been praying for almost 11 years for all your siblings:  That the grace of  Christ would saturate your life richly and completely, and that you would spend your days drowning in His grace and pouring yourself out for Him.  May this and every day bring you closer to the day when you fall into His arms and begin your walk with Him.  Happy 1st birthday, sweet Lydia!  I love you!


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