Happy birthday, Elisabeth Anne!

Wow!  You are 7 today!  How time flies when you’re having fun!  You earned your nickname before you were a year old, and “Firecracker” still suits you today.  You absolutely keep us on our toes!  We never know what to expect from you, and just when we think we’re about to figure you out, you change it up to keep us guessing.  I’ve always said you have more personality in your little finger than most people have in their lifetime.  You have wit beyond your years, spunk immeasurable, and just enough mischief to make sure Mom never ever lets down her guard.

You’ve grown into a big kid in many ways this year.  I loved watching you love your baby sister, even though your methods didn’t always meet with my (or her) approval.  Your heart is so tender and sweet, and we’ve seen tears rolling down your cheeks at times just because you’re so happy or thankful.

You have advanced leaps and bounds in school–this time last year you were moaning, “I don’t care if I ever learn to read.  I hate reading!”  And now you’re reading chapter books by yourself.  You moved up in soccer, and went to your first soccer camp and showed the boys up, if I do say so myself.  You joined the competitive team in gymnastics and already have a 1st place all-around under your belt.  When the day comes that we have to choose between gymnastics and soccer, I have no idea what we’ll do!  You are quite the student and quite the athlete.

More exciting, though, is seeing the way God is working in your heart.  We’ve had several gospel conversations this year, and He is definitely working and drawing you close to Him.  I praise God for what He’s doing in you, and can’t wait for the day when you have the assurance of being His child.

You are my sweet and sassy girl, Bessie Anne.  Everyone who knows you can’t help but love you.  You steal hearts when your spunky giggle floats through the air.  Happy birthday, sweet girl.  Mommy loves you so much!


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