Happy birthday, Abigail! (A couple days late…)

My precious Abigail, how is it possible that you are already 11?  What a young lady you have become and are becoming.  I am so thankful for the work of the Spirit that I see in your life.  You continue to show little glimmers of His fruit and my heart sings every time I see Him in you.  Your journey with Him is just beginning, but I pray that you will hold tight to Him through the next years as He has promised to hold tight to you.

You are so helpful, especially with Lydia.  I think babies are your very favorite people in the world.  You are also getting much better at being helpful with the rest of your siblings, reading to them or playing with them.  Your sense of humor continues to mature, and I love the moments when Daddy and I can share a laugh with you because you are actually mature enough to get our grownup jokes.

You enjoyed swim team again this summer, and added shooting to your activity list as well.  And from somewhere a self-proclaimed love of basketball has emerged, and you proudly spent your birthday money on UK apparel after enjoying your UK basketball cake.  Singing is your favorite though, whether it’s with the church choir or the symphony chorus or just in the van.  I loved getting to hear your solos this fall, and I love hearing you sing at church.

You are still doing well in school, and devour books like candy.  You have also started churning out stories, and you are quite the little author!  The details and mature wording in your stories amaze me.  As your schoolwork gets more involved and more difficult, you have to buckle down some, since you’ve never really had to work hard before, but I have every confidence that you are up to the task.

I’m told by many that the next several years with you will be turbulent, stormy, and downright miserable.  But I don’t believe them.  Daddy and I are here to love you through, to be on your side, and to be your guide.  Listen to us, daughter.  We will do our best to steer you always to Christ, and with Him, you can’t go wrong.

I love you, my beautiful firstborn.  You are such a special young lady.  Happy birthday!


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