That moment…

That moment when you’ve been up half-sick half the night and your baby was up half-sick the other half of the night, and you’re stumbling around trying to fill everyone’s empty-all-night bellies, and your daughter yells, “Ooh gross! She messed her diaper and it leaked and it’s all over my hand…” And you’re trying to clean it up without getting sick and your toddler cheerfully calls out from the bathroom, “I’m done and I’m ready for you to wipe my bottom…” And you go downstairs when all the bottoms are finally clean to see bowls of quickly-crusting oatmeal and soggy cereal littering the table and then you realize that your over-zealous five-year-old emptied the rest of the Lysol on your kitchen floor in a valiant attempt at doing his chore for the day… That’s the moment His grace is sufficient for you.


That moment when your daughter confidently hands you her math assignment promising that yes, she checked over her work and you grade it to find another score of 68 even though you’ve explained these problems seventeen times… And your kindergartner is painstakingly sounding out syllable by syllable of a 30-page phonics primer while you hear the baby’s “I’m awake” call growing more and more irritated through the monitor… And the first-grader, while waiting for her turn with teacher-mommy, decides to turn the living room into some sort of jungle/playground with the toddler complete with roars and screams… And your oldest decides to use that moment to sharpen all seven of her pencils at the electric sharpener… That’s the moment His grace is sufficient for you.


That moment when you finally get all the numbers added up and divide the bills according to the paychecks and they are all covered, then you get the mail to find a $400 electric bill… And the mini-van’s transmission is going on strike because it hates cold weather and the downstairs toilet is off-limits because it doesn’t like flushing anymore and then you try to finish making school copies only to hear the printer give a clink and a clank and give up the ghost… That’s the moment His grace is sufficient for you.


That moment when you’re an hour late fixing lunch and your kids are moaning in hunger and you’re not done with morning school but all you can think about is the overflowing hampers upstairs because you haven’t had time to do laundry this week… And you’re having to pull dirty dishes out of the dishwasher and wash them as needed because you filled it but forgot to run it and then you realize that someone gave the baby a drink in the sippy cup straight out of that dishwasher thinking it was clean… And you see dust piles in the corners and markers all over the living room and those silly rubber band bracelets on every surface imaginable and toys toys everywhere… And then someone knocks on your door… That’s the moment His grace is sufficient for you.


That moment when you find out that someone is mad again because your husband didn’t live up to their standards of a minister and you ended up wrestling the toddler through the worship service after he cried in the nursery because he didn’t like that teacher and then your kids come home tattling over their sister’s behavior in class… And you find out that the concert schedule and the gym meet schedule and the church schedule clash again and by the way, we need $75 per kid by today for this activity and a $50 deposit for this kid for that activity… And the sinfulness of your children is breaking your heart and you hear “It feels like you don’t even love me!” from the child you carried in your womb for nine months and fed from your own body for thirteen more months and you really can’t see any fruit at all from the blood, sweat, and tears you’ve invested in this whole parenting thing… That’s the moment His grace is sufficient for you.

That moment when your weakness slaps you in the face and whispers, “You can’t do this. It’s too much. You are failing…” And the tears are falling down your cheeks before you can stop them and you just want an hour to cry but you hear little footsteps looking for you again… And you would give up if you could figure out how… That’s the moment of your weakness. That’s the moment when all you can do–all you should do–is cry out to Jesus. Right there in the middle of the mess. And that’s the moment when He promises to hear your cry, dear exhausted mama. He loves to strengthen weary mothers, upon whose shoulders so much rests. He knows you can’t do all this. And that moment when you acknowledge that you can’t do it, that you need help, that you are too weak, that’s the moment His grace is sufficient for you.

“But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me.” 2 Corinthians 12:9


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One Response to That moment…

  1. Gorgeously written… made me shudder at my own recent memories.

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