Welcome home

The last month has been extremely chaotic, busy, emotional, and my head is still slightly spinning.  On March 9, Lake City Baptist Church extended a call to Clay to be their pastor, and he accepted. 

Just like that, the much-longer-than-we-would-have-chosen roller coaster ride called “What Does God Want Us To Do?” screeched to a halt.  The questions were answered, now onto the actual doing. 

Announcements were made, goodbyes were said, boxes were packed, lives transplanted. 

We were welcomed with open arms with love and generosity and thoughtfulness that went beyond our expectations. 

Setting up our new home, figuring out the details of this new life.  It was everything we’d dreamed of for years, but even good change is stressful. 

Emotions all over the map, sheer exhaustion–enter stomach bug three days after the move.  One by one we fell prey to the germs, and Mommy drew the short straw and got it twice.  Hang on, boxes, we’ll get back to you when we’re healthy again. 

Life doesn’t slow down, either.  In fact, it sped up with soccer season starting the day before the move.  Practices, games, practices, concerts, practices, meets, and more practices. 

Slowly, slowly a house full of boxes becomes a home, and a pathway emerges through the garage.  

Learning new names, faces, and personalities of people who already feel like family. 

Of course, taking time out for the Semi-Annual Great Hall Clothes Switchout just adds to the upheaval. 

Little glimpses of normality starting to peek through.  Routines forming again.  Sitting down to rest without feeling guilty. 

Take a deep breath.  Put your feet up. 

Welcome home, Hall Family. 

Welcome home. 

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One Response to Welcome home

  1. allison says:

    blessings to you guys on your new adventure!

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