To coast is to drift

The sun has set on 2014. It’s almost in the books. New Year’s Resolutions are being made by some, scorned by others.

Seems like the trendy thing in the last few years to refuse to make resolutions. Maybe it’s because we’re pretty sure we’ll fail anyway, so we just don’t make a list. I admit it, that was me last year. Maybe there’s another reason, I don’t know.

But the thing is, we need resolutions. Or goals, or dreams, or whatever word you want to use. Without goals, without a plan for the next step we want to take, or how we want to change, or improve, we just coast.

And, as my wise husband said earlier tonight, to coast is to drift. And when we drift, we rarely end up where we had hoped.

Change is reality. You are not the same person tonight that you were last New Year’s Eve. Life has happened to you, and you have changed. And you will be different next year than you are now. Life will happen to you some more, and change you some more.

Many things happen to us that change us. We could call this “passive change.” But we are not limited to the change that just happens to us. We can take action, take steps, make plans, change on purpose. Active change, if you will.

If change is inevitable, which it is, then wouldn’t we be wise to make sure that as much as it depends on us, the change that happens in us is for the better?

Don’t waste time coasting. Our days are so short, our life but a breath. Then eternity begins, and never ends. Coasting through life on earth will not do much at all to prepare you for eternity.

Make goals. And make goals that matter in eternity.

In order to make changes that count, changes that will keep you from wasting your life, you must reexamine your priorities. Possibly cut some things out of your life to make room for what really matters.

Your days are almost up, and then you will face Christ.

Make 2015 the year that you focus on preparing for that. The year that you refuse to drift in the shallow, superficial waters and swim out into the depths of His love.

Maybe that means finding out who Christ really is. Maybe it means remembering what He did for you long ago. Maybe it means getting your body healthy–not so you can look like that other mom you’re secretly jealous of–but so you can more fully serve Christ here on earth. Maybe it means making peace with someone. Maybe it means changing where your money goes, making a difference with your dollars instead of using them to pile up more stuff for you or your kids. Maybe it means just seeking Him more, loving Him more, loving His Word more.

The sun has set on 2014.
Make 2015 count for eternity.


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