Women, we need to repent 

The headlines leave a sick feeling in my stomach. “Obama Administration weighs changes to draft after allowing women in combat.” The news that all positions in the U.S. Military will now be open to women is being celebrated by many. Women all over the nation are triumphant this morning, and demanding that the next logical step be the inclusion of women in the draft. Then, apparently, we’ll be truly equal.

In the words of my two-year-old, are you kidding me??

I am appalled. I am outraged. I am heartbroken at the thought of marching my daughter to the post office in five short years to register for the draft.

But as I’m fuming, I realize how deeply imbedded in our thinking are the roots that have grown this ugly fruit.

Women, we need to repent.

Those of us who care a fig about God’s design for gender and the beautiful differences He gave men and women will be outraged at the thought of women in combat. But we have all bought into the lie that birthed this latest abomination, and if we are willing to dig down deep, I’m willing to bet that we will all find traces of it in our own hearts.

How has it come to this, that the top leaders of our nation are so afraid of angering the feminist left that they are willing to weaken our national defense just to give a tiny minority of women what they demand?

Well, it started with whispers. Whispers from one woman to another about how unfair it was that men had so many opportunities unavailable to women. How unfair it was that women had to suffer so many things foreign to men. That’s how the feminist movement spread. Through whispers.

And soon, those whispers played over and over in the minds of women until they became an entire belief system. And now they are an accepted way of life.

In a conversation about gender this week, I remarked to a friend that equal rights for women was a good and noble cause, but that it soon wasn’t enough. Women didn’t want to be equal, they wanted to be superior. Now, however, I see that being superior hasn’t been enough either. The feminist left has pressed on toward the goal of making men afraid of women. And I think, once women are in every combat position and required to register for the draft, they will have succeeded.

Men have been beaten down and belittled and criticized for their masculinity by women for decades. It wasn’t enough for us to have them see us as equals. We cry out, insisting there is no difference between the genders, while exploiting the very differences we claim don’t exist, making men feel guilty for being different in the first place. It’s ludicrous.

Don’t believe me?

Look at the reproductive rights movement. All the sudden we’re not so equal, and the differences matter a whole lot. But women have elevated themselves above men, claiming “It’s my body, keep your laws off of it.” Apparently, no one, especially not a man, has any standing at all to tell a women what she can do with her body. After all, men don’t know what it’s like to have a foreign invader encroaching itself upon your body, taking up residence inside you without asking your permission. And since men can never experience that, they better keep their opinions about it to themselves because they can never understand the horror of being pregnant when you don’t want to be.

Or something like that.

And women have cried foul in this area so loudly for so long, that the men are now afraid to counter them. And so we have our leaders championing the murder of what no one can legitimately deny are real, living, breathing babies by the millions, just so they don’t anger the women.

Women are the same as men, they claim. But in this area where we are very obviously different, they have no problem using the difference for their own advantage.

Still outraged at the actions of others? Still not feeling the personal conviction? I wasn’t either, until suddenly the issue became much smaller. I saw myself in these women.

Let me paint the picture for you:

It’s, ahem, a certain time of month. You are crabby and achy and had to get up and face the day anyway. Your husband comes home. Maybe he makes an unsuspecting comment that you normally wouldn’t even notice, but today it seems directed pointedly at you. You glare at him, point your finger, and say something like, “You do not want to start with me tonight.” That’s all it takes. He knows what you mean behind those words, and he backs off. He knows the rules. He is not allowed to antagonize you for the next couple of days. He must walk on eggshells through the minefield of your hormonal moodiness and pray he comes out unscathed. After all, he has no idea what you’re going through. He is only a man. So he is forced to endure the hurricane, putting up with whatever you throw his way. If he dared challenge you on your snapping tone, your rudeness, your lack of love, your selfishness, that would be the cardinal sin. He has no ground to stand on. You are suffering in a way he can never understand because of his male privilege, and you are making him pay for it. You are woman, and you will roar as you please.

We insist we are equals, but we lord our differences over the men until they have no other option but to cry uncle. If a dad disagrees with the mom over some parenting issue, her opinion trumps his because she carried that baby for nine months and he will never understand that bond. So dads disengage. And then the women complain about their husbands not carrying their share of the load. If a man dares to counter his wife’s attitude during her period or pregnancy or menopause or basically any day of the week, he’s being mean and insensitive to the hormones she has to deal with that he can never understand. So he mentally disengages. And then she complains about being lonely and that he never listens to her.

I have been that woman. And oh, how ugly she looks to me.

Women, do we really want the men to be afraid of us?

I know from personal experience that when pastors come to a text in their sermon prep that deals with gender roles, especially the dreaded submission texts, they reach out to trusted friends, asking for prayer as they handle these controversial texts. Now pastors asking for prayer is a good and necessary thing. But what does it say about women in the church if our pastors know very well that to preach biblical gender roles is likely going to anger a good percentage of his congregation?

We say we’re tough. We claim to be the stronger sex. But if a man dares to challenge our behavior, our tone, our views, or worst of all, claim we shouldn’t be allowed to do something that they can do, we play the victim. Doesn’t sound very tough to me.

We have played our part so well, going on the offensive against the men and calling it defense, that the men are giving up, giving us whatever we demand in the interest of self-preservation.

So we have the highest administration in the land ignoring solid evidence presented by the U.S. Marine Corps that women in fact cannot perform as well as men in certain military positions, in the name of gender equality. The thought of our national security being sacrificed on the altar of feminism is very disturbing.

But that’s where we have led the men.

It’s a good idea, when outraged over something we see out in “the world,” to take the opportunity to examine our own souls and see if any hint of what has us outraged is hiding there. The Lord led me to do that this morning, and I found traces of the outrageous feminism in my heart.

I repent. Here, publically, and to my husband in person as soon as he gets home. I have been guilty of exploiting the differences between my husband and myself. I have acted at times like he has no ground to stand on when I’m acting sinfully, simply because he doesn’t get what I’m going through.

I want a husband who is free to carry out his God-given duty to lead me spiritually, including helping me see my sin. I want a pastor who boldly and lovingly preaches the word of God without fear that I’m going to get mad at him for it. I want legislators who are bold enough to stand up for life and marriage and all that is morally right without fear of who they may offend.

I want a nation who is strong enough to refuse to allow its daughters to defend it until there are no men left to do so.

This won’t happen until the men take courage against the bullying women. But I can do my part in the meantime, and quit bullying the men around me.

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