A further development of my thoughts regarding Election 2016

I posted this status on Facebook Sunday afternoon:

There has been so much talk about the distaste for the two probable presidential nominees. Some Republicans are saying never Trump, so Hillary. Some are saying never Hillary, so Trump. Some are saying never Trump, never Hillary. All are in danger of being blasted by those in different camps, which is wrong. Speaking specifically from the #nevertrumpneverhillary camp, we feel pressure from other Republicans to not “waste” our vote and to vote Trump rather than third party since we “can’t allow Hillary to take office.” Well, each one must vote according to his own conscience, so if your conscience can allow you to vote Trump for that reason, then go ahead.

But here’s my two cents: keeping Hillary out of office is not my greatest goal. The Republican Party does not have my highest allegiance. I never signed an oath to any political agenda. I have, however, offered my life in servitude to a King. There is nothing about Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton that I have seen that honors that King. 
My King loves the babies they would both allow murdered. My King created the different colors of skin and different languages that Mr. Trump finds humor in mocking. My King designed gender to be distinct, different, and beautiful, and both Clinton and Trump have no problem accepting the distortion of that beauty. My King ordered marriage between one man and one woman as both the bedrock of a flourishing society and an amazing picture of the gospel, and Hillary Clinton champions the perversion of that ideal while Mr. Trump has a string of broken covenants trailing after him. My King is delighted when I spend my life to nurture my children and teach them history and numbers and science through a biblical worldview, and Hillary Clinton would prefer I be required to give that up, join the workforce, and toss my kids to the wolves of the liberal-agenda government education, while I honestly believe Mr. Trump couldn’t care less about my children. My King is honored when those who make more give freely and cheerfully through the church to help the poor in ways that last, but Hillary Clinton wants the government to simply keep taxing the rich to give subsidies to the poor that encourage them to stay poor, and Mr. Trump’s record is haunted by shadows of failed business and bankruptcies that have done grave damage to those who trusted in him.

No. I will not vote for Hillary Clinton, and I will not vote for Donald Trump. I will vote on Election Day, for all the other offices, and for a presidential third choice if there is one that does not violate my conscience. But I refuse to accept the blame of “putting Hillary in office.” Do not lay that blame on me. I owe nothing to Trump. I owe nothing to the Republican Party. And I owe nothing to anyone who tries to make me feel like I am supposed to support a certain candidate simply to block another candidate. I owe allegiance only to Christ, and while I’m serving Him, I cannot serve Trump or Hillary. And I am not afraid of the results. I hope neither of them gain access to the highest office in this earthly land, but my hope does not lie in keeping them from it. My hope lies in a land that will never see moral decline. My citizenship is in a land that will never force me to choose between evils. My King will never let His subjects down, even while we still live in corrupt earthly societies, even if the days get darker, even if we face literal, physical persecution. America is not my home, and I will not sacrifice my conscience as if this is all there is.

That status was shared by others almost 100 times, something that has never happened with one of my statuses before. My husband even proposed to me again after I posted it. Clearly, I am not the only one who feels this way. However, many more people disagree.

So much has been written regarding whether Republicans should tow the party line and support Trump, or whether they should stand against the character and behavior of Trump and refuse to vote for him. I cringe as I type this, wondering if I really want to add my voice to the noise. But I have seen so many statements that mishandled the word of God to shame those Christians who are part of the #nevertrump group, and I feel I must respond to some of them. 

I have seen several posts saying something to this effect: God has often used wicked or dishonorable rulers to accomplish His plans for His people, and we as Christians should not try to stand in the way of Him doing that again. Every time I’ve seen that sort of statement, it has been in the middle of an urge for Republicans to vote for Trump, or a bashing of those who say they cannot do that. The logic is flawed. It’s true that God has used wicked rulers time and again, but if we should vote someone in for that reason, why not Hillary Clinton? And why do all the Trump supporters oppose President Obama? Aren’t they also just wicked leaders being used by God to bring about His plans for the nation? No Trump supporter would ever urge me to vote for Hillary or express approval of Obama, yet several of them are urging us to use that logic to vote for Trump. And just because it’s true that God does indeed use wicked leaders, nowhere in Scripture does He give any precedent for the godly remnant to support the rise of those leaders, to pledge support for them, to loudly cheer for them, to disparage all who would oppose them, to ignore the unquestionable record of their wickedness and vote for them proudly. Yet that is exactly what is going on in some circles. 

Honestly, while I believe that every man’s vote is his own and he should vote according to his conscience regardless of what others think, it grieves me to think that anyone who claims to hold the teachings of God in high regard could justify voting for Trump. But grief is not the emotion displayed by Trump supporters toward those who disagree. They get angry, furious even, at those who refuse to join their camp. The mob mentality on display in this movement is frightening indeed. It’s not a great jump at all to compare it to what went on in Germany in the 1930’s. 

Another favorite argument I’ve seen goes something like this: we aren’t electing a pastor, but a president, so Trump’s character should be of little concern compared to his policies and plans. It’s true that we aren’t electing a pastor. I believe that, which is why I was able to vote for Mitt Romney in 2012. I don’t agree with his theological beliefs, but on the issues most important to me in a president, I could support him. But even if I were willing to disregard Trump’s character–which I’m not–and focus only on his policies and plans, that would require an assumption that his statements regarding policies and plans can be trusted. Keep in mind we are talking about a man who supported Hillary Clinton for president in 2008, donating to her campaign and stating that she would make a–you guessed it–“great” president. He has flip-flopped and contradicted himself at nearly every turn. He says what seems most beneficial to himself at the time. And his supporters want us to trust him. His shining gold star in the eyes of his fan club is that he’s not a career politician. And I agree that many long-time politicians have been bought and paid for, or have been there so long that they have become blind. But someone running for president should have a proven record, in my opinion. I want to see how he or she voted on critical bills and proposals. I want to see proof that he will put his practice where his mouth is. Trump is a businessman, and not a very honest one, and he has spent his life serving himself. Now we are being asked to trust him to serve the people of this nation and of the world, really, and not just himself. Sorry. Can’t do it.

The final argument in favor of Trump is simple: we must hold our nose and vote for him, because, not matter how awful he is and how unsure we are of what he’ll do as president, he’s not Hillary. And for many, that trumps everything, no pun intended. I repeat what I said in my Facebook post: keeping Hillary out of office is not my highest goal. But it appears to be the highest goal of many. This is what we are seeing more than all other arguments: none of it matters–not his crude speech, not the violence at his rallies, not his contradictions, not his flip-flopping, not his bankruptcies, not his degrading of women and minorities, not his immorality, not his strip clubs, not his complete lack of experience in leading in government, not the concerns of how his ability to “speak his mind” and pledges to build a wall and ban Muslims will increase the target on America’s back, not the alarming reports of white supremacists on his team, not his praise of Planned Parenthood, not his childish and immature habit of name-calling to anyone who refuses to bow to him–none of it matters, you see, because he’s not Hillary. Sorry. Not buying it.

There is nothing you can say that would convince me to vote for Donald Trump as president. God may indeed plan to bring him to power for His eternal purpose. And whoever wins the election will do it because of God’s plans for our nation and for the world. I have no doubt about that, and complete trust that my hope will not end in November if Trump or Hillary wins. But just because I believe in God’s Sovereign plan that uses every wicked leader for the ultimate good, that does not in any way mean that I should cast my vote in favor of such leaders.


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