Halls’ Great Adventures, Camping Edition

For the last three years, we have been blessed by the chaplain’s camper at Hillman Ferry Campground in LBL (Land Between the Lakes National Park). Every weekend from April through October, a different pastor or minister volunteers as chaplain at the campground–meeting people, serving as needed, and leading the worship service on Sunday morning. While they are serving, their family gets to stay in the chaplain’s camper. This past weekend was our turn for the third time. Let me be clear from the outset–camping is hard work, even with a camper already set up, hooked up, and ready for you. But, it is also lots of fun. And even though we leave every year saying, “Are we sure that was worth it?”, the next time the available dates come around, we immediately sign up, having forgotten all the hard and remembering only the fun. 

So here are some glimpses of our weekend.

Spooky stories, songs, and smores by the campfire.



Hiking and posing in our favorite twisty tree, and a little ball playing on the way back to the camper.



















Hall Family Olympics, the capstone of our week studying the first Olympics in Ancient Greece. The King of Hall-land gathered his team and they battled bravely through every event: the discus throw, shot put, sprints, relay, and the marathon. The team from Hall-land included the king, the queen, the royal musician, the royal baker, the royal acrobat, the knight, the jester, and the princess. The royal dog came along to serve as mascot. And at the end of the day, Hall-land brought home the gold in every event!



Playing on the playground and around the campsite. No schedule, just play.

         Time out from the campsite to go to a harvest festival, complete with laser tag, hayrides, zip lines, pumpkin patch, cotton candy, burgers, bazooka ball, sack races, hot chocolate and an outdoor concert to top off the night. (Pumpkin patch photo creds to my friend Sophie.)




And wrapping up the weekend, worshipping in the open amphitheater with 40 other campers. 

We were so tired yesterday, and I’ve done so much laundry since we got home. But will we sign up again next year? 

Yep. Most definitely.



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One Response to Halls’ Great Adventures, Camping Edition

  1. Anonymous says:

    Awesome pics Awesome Family!!! I am blessed and honored to be apart of your family!! We love you all!!! Beautiful!!!

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