Halls’ Great Adventures, Wintry North Edition

On Tuesday, March 14, Winter Storm Stella raged her blizzard winds and two-foot snowfall across the northeast. Two days later, our crazy crew loaded up in Henry (our minivan) to head up north and see Stella’s wonder for ourselves.

The trip had been planned for months, and we weren’t going to let a few snowdrifts stand in our way. Our main destination was East Randolph, VT, where we planned to visit our friends and minister in their church as well, as I spoke at their ladies’ fellowship on Saturday, and Clay taught and preached in their church on Sunday.

We headed out at 6 am Thursday morning. What finally totaled out at 41 hours in the van began quietly with sleepy kiddos and a beautiful sunrise in front of us.

First state line: Ohio. First destination: Center of Science and Industry (COSI) in Columbus.

After a great dinner with a dear friend and her family, we headed across one more state line toward our hotel room.

Friday found us in the van all. day. long.

We drove through some beautiful country, finding more snow the further we went. Driving alongside the Erie Canal was my favorite, with the beautiful Adirondacks a close second. Alas, no pictures, because there are only so many good shots you can get out the window of a moving vehicle.

We finally crossed into Vermont, arriving at our friend’s’ house just in time for dinner.

Saturday found me speaking to the ladies, while my family explored Stowe, VT. Von Trapp family lodge, Ben and Jerry’s factory, and a cider mill.

Sunday after church: Snowmobile time!!

Monday found us on the road again, driving across New York toward Niagara Falls. We stopped at the family farm of Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism, because Clay has been studying their beliefs, before finally arriving at Niagara just in time to see the Falls light up.

Our final “vacation” stop was at Entertrainment Junction in West Chester, OH on Tuesday.

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