Our journey toward embryo adoption: We’re getting close!

It’s been a very long while since I have updated, but much has been happening behind the scenes. We are moving forward, and the actual embryo transfer is scheduled on the calendar!

Medically speaking, my body has been responding to the meds and procedures exactly the way it’s supposed to and we have every reason to hope that our babies will survive and thrive. Emotionally speaking, this has been a faith journey like no other for me. I have been stretched in every direction, and I am depending completely on the Lord to sustain these babies, provide for the remaining financial costs, and do a work in me throughout the rest of this process.

Financially speaking, God showed us an avenue for provision that should eventually cover most of the cost, but that provision is neither here yet nor 100% guranteed. So while we have no plans for any more official “fundraisers” we are still deeply grateful for additional financial gifts and donations. Those can be made through http://www.paypal.me/hallembryoadoption or by mail with checks made out to Clay or Monica Hall at Hall Embryo Adoption, PO Box 92, Grand Rivers, KY 42045.

I know this is a vague update, but we are keeping some details purposely vague to protect my privacy and my fragile emotions during the weeks surrounding the actual transfer. Remember, once the embryos are transferred, we still have quite a wait before we know if they will continue growing and developing and actually have a healthy pregnancy. We are trusting the Lord and completely surrendering this to Him. 

Your prayers, encouragement, and financial support means more to us than we can say. Please keep praying for us and for these babies. And hopefully soon, we’ll be sharing the joyous announcement of the fruit of your investment in our family and in the lives of these tiny ones.

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